Welcome to Mytypeofmakeup! My name is Maha Karim and I am an Atlanta based Freelance Makeup artist. I started my journey to pursue my passion in 2010. I have worked Atlanta Runway events, private events, Celebrity Makeup and Bollywood Makeup. I love meeting new people and getting to work in different communities. Mytypeofmakeup is all about enhancing the perfection and bringing a picture to life with colors. Feel free to connect with me ! 

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What I love most about my work is that I get to work in a diverse community of people. I strive to work with every color of skin and every type of makeup. Whether you need Natural, Beauty or Glam makeup... I have got it all! I am well known most for my dramatic eye makeup styles. If you're into something simple and sweet we can go that route as well! 

Shoot me an email at maha@mytypeofmakeup.com and let me know the dates and times your event takes place. We'll go from there and create you a schedule to work with. All of my appointments are first come first serve with a deposit so don't wait too long to book me! Lets get your details down and get your date(s) locked in!