Make-Up Artist Maha Karim

HEllo Beauty bombshells! 

Are you curious about what products I use in my kit?...

         Well here's some details about my makeup kit. So listed below are most of the brands that you will find in my makeup kit. I always use well rated and reviewed products in my kit. To find such products I like to use ALLURE BEST OF BEAUTY and other well rated beauty sites to add products to my kit. One thing you should know is that I will always ask you your skin type before I apply any products on your skin. If you have a makeup product preference for your appointment you should always let me know ahead of time. I do offer Hypoallergenic product brands. 

​     Keep in mind that all Hypoallergenic brands use a lighter tone and color in their beauty products. Your makeup may not be as pigmented if you choose to only use Hypoallergenic products ( ex. Almay, Neutrogena, Clinique etc.) . I own brands that support both dry and oily skin. Feel free to reach out for any additional questions on my makeup kit!

My Makeup kit